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The public accounting firm of James & Springgate, PLC was formed January 1, 1995 to serve as individual financial advisors and business consultants.


James & Springgate, PLC works effectively with individuals and businesses to successfully identify and address present and future challenges and opportunities.


Our clients have our commitment that our team at James & Springgate, PLC will demonstrate initiative, anticipate problems, propose solutions and communicate effectively throughout the year. Our clients have our commitment that there will be timely coordination of tax and accounting planning and strategy needs.

James & Springgate, PLC is a full-service Certified Public Accounting firm licensed in Michigan.
All of our CPAs hold valid state CPA Certificates.

Meet the James & Springgate, PLC
Members, Professional Staff and Administrative Staff


Professional Staff

Administrative Staff


James & Springgate, PLC will provide quality accounting, consulting and tax services.



Fulfillment of our Mission is enhanced through constant adherence to our culture as defined by our strongly held beliefs:

  • We are a team and everyone makes a vital contribution to our success

  • Our primary goal is to guide our clients to success

  • We provide high quality and timely accounting, tax and consulting services

  • We honor our responsibilities to our clients, our community and each other

  • We will not compromise our honesty, integrity or reputation

  • We have a duty to foster each other’s professional growth

  • We recognize the importance of balance between our personal and professional lives

  • We applaud each other’s successes

  • We are proud of our history and culture; we are confident of our future

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