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James & Springgate, PLC Firm Information:


Our firm works effectively with individuals and businesses to successfully identify and address present and future challenges and opportunities.


Our clients have our commitment that our team at James & Springgate, PLC will demonstrate initiative, anticipate problems, propose solutions and communicate effectively throughout the year. Our clients have our commitment that there will be timely coordination of tax and accounting planning and strategy needs.


Our interns will gain experience in:

  • Individual tax return preparation

  • Fiduciary tax return preparation

  • Business tax return preparation

  • Non-profit tax return preparation

  • Administrative work / full paper flow of a tax firm


Benefits of Working for James & Springgate, PLC:

  • Ability to work for a successful, well-known and established (since 1995) local accounting firm

    • Our clients tend to be of higher net worth, which means you will gain experience and have the ability to work on a large variety of diverse and unique tax returns

  • Smaller accounting firm equals:

    • Close-knit, smaller staff work environment

    • One-on-one direction from CPAs

    • Regular Partner interaction and guidance

    • Extensive and consistent feedback

    • Variety of tax-based work projects

  • Comprehensive ongoing training, to include:

    • Three day orientation/training period

    • Weekly full staff meetings (including Partners) covering:

      • Current client tax issues

      • New tax laws

    • Regular Intern meetings, covering:

      • Any issues or concerns

      • Your professional progress

  • Gain experience in the entire tax preparation process from start to finish:

    • Tax data input

    • Tax return preparation

    • Feedback and update

    • Processing

  • Work in a shared full office vs. a “cubicle” environment

  • Some lunches and dinners provided throughout tax season

  • Beverages and snacks always available

  • Dedicated kitchen and break room


Our past interns have gone on to work for many companies, including:

  • AIS Construction Equipment Corporation

  • A.M. Todd Company

  • BDO

  • DeBoer, Baumann & Company, PLC

  • Deloitte

  • Doeren Mayhew

  • Ernst & Young

  • Fifth Third Bank

  • Lake Michigan Credit Union

  • McKeown Kraai Professional Certified Public Accountants

  • Morris Inn

  • PwC

  • Roskam Baking Company

  • UNY, LLC


Job Duties/Requirements:

  • Contribute to collaborative teamwork through working effectively as a team member:

    • Understanding personal and firm roles

    • Contribute to a positive working environment by building solid relationships with fellow interns and staff

    • Proactively seeking guidance, clarification and feedback

  • Demonstrated self-motivation and the desire to learn

  • Possess flexibility in prioritizing and completing all assigned tasks

  • Possess time management skills

  • Great attention to detail

  • Highly organized

  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word


Work Schedule:

  • Start date: Mid-February

  • End date: April 15

  • Hours:

    • Guaranteed 40 hours per week

    • Must be available up to 55 hours per week including evenings and/or Saturdays



  • Majoring in Accountancy

  • Completion of an Introduction to Tax course

  • U. S. Work Authorization required



  • Competitive pay based on your experience level


Miscellaneous Information

  • Dress: Business Casual

  • Administrative work is required and will be assigned to all interns

    • Helps you understand the full flow of tax firm paperwork



Email: Josh Schoiber, CPA, Intern Coordinator  Phone: (269) 384-0219


James & Springgate, PLC is an equal opportunity employer


James & Springgate, PLC will provide quality accounting, consulting and tax services.



Fulfillment of our Mission is enhanced through constant adherence to our culture as defined by our strongly held beliefs:

  • We are a team and everyone makes a vital contribution to our success

  • Our primary goal is to guide our clients to success

  • We provide high quality and timely accounting, tax and consulting services

  • We honor our responsibilities to our clients, our community and each other

  • We will not compromise our honesty, integrity or reputation

  • We have a duty to foster each other’s professional growth

  • We recognize the importance of balance between our personal and professional lives

  • We applaud each other’s successes

  • We are proud of our history and culture; we are confident of our future

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